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tonight, a popular tv host
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injured chasing down a burglar in a hotel hallway. metro anoupss clan morans to improve escalators at the subway. and a wild wednesday for the skins and the rest of the nfl. big name players on the move. good evening i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. and we begin with new details on a story from last night. a police officer indicted on 12 counts including attempted murder after an altercation at his house and the officer is being investigated for a previous incident in which he was accused of luring a man to his house and a gun went off. meanwhile we have uncovered a third allegation of violence against this officer. craig melvin catches us up on the develops in this case. >> reporter: the 17 police
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officers from mount rainier work out of the headquarters behind me. and gene gillette was named best cop on that force. and while he is in a jail cell, another alleged victim has come forward. when this man saw the video he recognized him. >> it made me feel happy they got him. >> reporter: in 2008 he got in an argument at this gas station and the cops were called. officer gillette charged him with resisting arrest. frederick says while he was handcuffed on a drive back to the station he was pistol whipped. >> he looked at me and pulled his gun out and said shut the f up. >> i have a plate in my face and four screws. >> reporter: and he sued. last year the mount rainier settled with frederick. and wednesday sources said that
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officer gillette is under investigation for an incident where a gun was fired inside his house. gillette said he was having a party and when gillette tried to get a man to perform sex acts a scuffle broke out and shots were fired. officials are worried there may be more victims. >> what i can say is we welcome any information that the public might have. >> reporter: the state's attorney for prince george's county has only charged him for the second incident where the police officer lured a man back to the house to shoot a porn with girls. but the only person there was gillette. and the victim tried to get away and the cop shot him. >> my son has bullets in him because of him. they can't take them out. and thank the lord he is alive.
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>> reporter: officer gene gillette faces 12 felony counts including attempted murder. a judge ordered him held without bond. craig melvin, news4. >> thank you, craig. police are hoping that new images of a man suspected of slashing women on their rear ends will lead to his arrest. there have been five cutting attacks since february all at retail stores in fairfax county. the victims are all in their teens to early 20s. police say the suspect struck at the green brier shopping center, tyson's corner and fair oaks mall. some of the busiest and most troubled escalators in the mutt flow system will be replaced. the head man at metro said that band-aid fixes are no longer acceptable but it will be years before there is an improvement. jackie bensen has more on this. >> reporter: some 23,000 people use this station every day.
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for most of them, a broken escalator is an inconvenience. but for some it can have serious health consequences. nothing makes a bad day worse than the long climb up a broken escalator. the behead da system has one of the system's longer and it is notorious for breaking down. >> it is hard on my knees. we catch a lot of pain for seven days or six days. >> reporter: this video from last year shows how dangerous a malfunctioning escalator can be. metro plans to replace all three entrance escalators at the station. they were installed at 1983 fourth and and overhauled in 2003. roger berliner applauded the move saying that everyone knows that escalator failures have become more the norm than the expectation and a long --
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exception and a long-term solution is overdue. the riders would like to see it done earlier than 2014. >> on a hot day it would be tough especially for older people and younger people. >> they will put a brand new one in. >> great idea. >> not until 2014. >> sad. >> reporter: replacement is planned for the dupont circle, and pentagon metro stations. >> thanks, jackie. metro hopes to ease traffic congestion in alexandria. it will shuttle between the mark center and the pentagon. more than 6,000 workers are scheduled to transfer to the mark center. workers with an i.d. will be able to ride for free. and d.c. is offering drivers with unpaid parking tickets an opportunity. starting monday pay the face value of a ticket without paying
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the late penalty. it applies to tickets issued before january 2010. city officials hope to collect about 6 million dollars. >> in the current climate we expect any number of people will take advantage of this to clear their debts at a lower costs and allows the city to collect revenue that is hard to come by. >> it will include tickets referred to collection agencies. a wild day for the skins and their fans and the flurry of activity is not over yet. >> still going. two gone and six in. and it rolls on. obviously the biggest name is donovan mcnabb who played in philadelphia 11 years. now he is headed to a new team for the second time in two years. it is a done deal. mcnabb is taking less money to
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get out of washington and play for the vikings. the skins get a sixth rounder in return. mcnabb will likely be the starter in minnesota and amazingly, the vikings get seven years younger with the 34-year-old at quarterback because he is replacing brett favre as the starter. former teammates knew this was coming and wished him well. >> i'm glad he's, you know, got another team, you know, i'm sad that he's gone. he's one of my good friends and we developed a great relationship while he was here. but i guess it was his time to get out of here. and best to him. >> see a guy that has been a pro bowler six times thinking he is going to come in and help us win more games but it didn't work out. relationships broke down and now he's not here. but he has to continue to move forward. he will go on to be a hall of famer. there that's lorenzo alexander
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on donovan mcnabb. our lives can now move on as we talk about the new names and faces who will be on the redskins as they get ready to start training camp on friday. we'll have the list in a few minutes. >> thank you, dan. also still ahead, alex trebek on crutches after chasing a burglar out of his hotel room. the attorney general set a meeting with families of 9/11 victims to talk about the phone hacking scandal and the investigation of that in the u.s. how often are you caught on camera on an average day 1234. and we are going to tell you about a guy who had an asthma attack and woke up in a freezer in a morgue. this is our hottest month ever on record and there could be another heat wave before it
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all eyes will be on the house tomorrow when a vote is expected on a republican plan to raise the federal debt limit. g.o.p. leaders revised the plan to increase chances of passing. it includes $9 hundred billion of spending cuts in ten years. the senate democrats say they don't like it. they want a plan to prevent another default next year and
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that won't cut programs like medicare. >> the speaker's plan is on life support and it's time to pull the plug. >> but this was an agreement between the bipartisan senate leaders and myself. it is what's doable and i think we can get there. >> congress has until tuesday to raise the debt limit or u.s. will default on its loans which could weaken the dollar and send interest rates soaring. the uncertainty over the debt talk sent stocks falling today. the dow lost 1 it 8 points. the nasdaq fell 75 points. the s&p dropped 27. virginia's governor could end up on a presidential ticket in 2012. at a fundraiser last night mitt romney called him an incredible
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governor who is on the short list for vice president. attorney general eric holder will meet with the -- pardon me with the family members of 9/11 victims next month in the wake of the phone hacking scandal in the united kingdom. a british tabloid reported that the news of the world tried to obtain phone records from 9/11 victims. the paper's parent company news corp. denied that story and called it speculation. but a lawyer says they'll talk to the justice department about the investigation and will even make some suggestions. still to come together, how a sheriff's deputy saved a girl hanging from balcony. big day for bald
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yep dihost alex trebek will need surgery after chasing a burglar out of his hotel room. the woman ran away with cash and jewelry but his achilles gave out and he fell. he called police and the police arrested a 56-year-old woman.
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trebek tore his achilles tendon. as businesses and city streets add security cameras, citizens are caught on camera more often. some it could be hundreds of times a day. there are cameras in most condo and apartment complexes. there are traffic, red light and speed cameras. and there are cameras on board the train and on the platform. if you walk to work you will pass dozens of cameras outside stores and atms. if you leave for lunch or stop on the way home the numbers continue to grow and those are just the ones we can see. >> it is not good for the purpose of surveillance to have the surveilled know where the cameras are. >> we'll have to adapt to the idea that every time we leave home we could be caught on
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camera. quick thinking and action allowed a loudoun county sheriff's deputy save a 4-year-old girl who was hanging over a three-story balcony. it happened at sterling virginia. paramedics were helping a child who had fallen from the balcony when a deputy noticed the girl on the railing. he ran up the stairs to pull the child to safety. >> i tried to get a hold of her and hoping i wasn't going to slip. but she was losing grip. i can't want her to -- didn't want her to fall with me standing there. >> neither of the children was seriously injured. authorities did ask child protective services to investigate. now we know weight may be a bigger factor to men than women when it comes to relationships.
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two websites surveyed a group of 70,000 people. when asked if they would dump their partner for gaining weight, 48% of men answered question. and 20% of women said the same thing. the survey also found men chose family as their top choice of the ultimate status symbol and women selected a beautiful home as their status symbol. >> and a slender husband. that will -- >> that's a survey that will get you talking. >> that's true. so we're starting to heat up again? >> we're starting to heat up again and it will be sticky around here. but the heat wave is nothing like the last one. it is going to be that short. right there. so it will take us through the weekend. and not as intense as widespread. for the record as we take a look at things. we got up to 93 degrees. still above the average ask as i
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mentioned earlier, the july is the hottest month ever on record for the city with an average of 83.7 and the month with a couple days to go. 81 degrees the heat index at 81. it is comfortable outside. the humidity is down. temperatures up around only and sandy spring around 75 degrees. buoy, maryland at 78 degrees. and falls church at 75 degrees right now. we're talking about a little bit of showers that may be around the bay tomorrow. but the bigger rains come from this system just north of chicago bringing us rain. and hopefully texas will get rain. they could get rain from this system right here. it's tropical storm don and it's forecast to make land fall on friday night to bring significant rain with it around corpus christi and on into the state. so texas may go from drought to
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seeing flooding throughout the area. we're not going to get rain from that but we will from this front here stalled out around the area for a while and make an approach through pennsylvania tomorrow. the skies go from mostly sunny to partly sunny. and friday we're partly sunny and could be hot with showers around the maryland-pennsylvania border friday late afternoon. it will be oppressive with the temperatures 99 degrees pushing the heat index up to 105 degrees. tomorrow, it 6, it 7 and into friday afternoon, 106 and maybe 107 and plenty toasty and sticky into saturday morning. so tomorrow, 90 to 95 degrees. one day of insane heat on friday. and saturday running at 95 degrees with showers and storms in the evening. the best chance of rain is sunday any time during the day
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and an isolated shower on sunday. the humidity moving out of the area and lowering on tuesday. nothing like the last stretch. >> just one rough day. >> exactly. still ahead, what prompted a man who was sent to a morgue when he was alive. in sports,
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donovanspends all those years in philly and now he is bouncing all over the lace. >> i done know if he will buy a house in minnesota. brett favre has a couple years
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there. it is final. mcnabb is headed to minnesota. he was traded for a sixth round pick. mcnabb agreed to less money to get the deal down. albert haynes worth is the star of redskins hospital. a lot of new faces reporting tomorrow. josh wilson agreed to terms today. the biggest get so far, barry cofield who got a $36 million contract. and kill enclemens come on down. and the wide receivers, jabar gaffney comes via trade with the broncos and they sent jarmin packing. gaffney with a career high 36 catches. and they nab brandon stokley and
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donte stallworth. stallworth looking to resurrect his career and he knows john beck very well from their time together with the ravens. >> i had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with john beck who is nothing -- he doesn't lack confidence at all. i can tell you that. he is a very confident person and that's one thing you need in a quarterback. so i have a repore with him and you know, whoever is back there i've always told the quarterback it will be important for us to get open for the quarterbacks and catch the ball when they throw it. that's the most important thing for the receivers. >> that's donte stallworth on john beck. and next up offensive lineman in the next day or two. after last night's loss, davey johnson said he was close to a boiling point. the nationals lose again tonight
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dropping to 9-16 under the new skipper. jim riggleman where art thou. but they made it a ball game. here's johnny gomes on the left traded from the reds. top two, hernandez going to win this battle. slugs it to right field and that is a home run for stanton. marlins in front 1-0. bottom 4, it's 3-0 marlins. lance knicks at the plate for the nationals and he's doing yard work. this shot into the upper deck. that's a big one. it's nix's 14th home run of the year. bottom 7, 4-1 marlins ryan zimmerman to right and look who's there, the national's killer, mike stanton at the wall. take another look. he got up good to get this one, robbing zimmerman of the rbi
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vazquez pumped. nats down by four. and don't call it a comeback. cora come on down. and ryan zimmern slides in as well. it's a two-run game. the very next batter and the very next pitch, lance nix gets good wood on this one. is it gone? just not the year for the nationals. flies out on the track. the nationals lose 7-5 and are five games under .500. bryce harper taking on buoy. harper at the plate. and he says take this breaking ball out of the park. his first home run on the aa level and he's playing much better. he went 3 for 4 batting .345 in the last seven. and the o's lose to the blue jays 3-5. >> thanks, dan.
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up next a cer
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ceremonies were held today to mark the closing of walter reed army medical center. the current location has been open for more than 100 years.
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the colors were retired today and the new colors were unveiled. walter reed shuts its doors on 1e79 15th -- september 15th. three bald eagles released into the wild in central virginia. they were five weeks old when their mother was killed with an accident with an airplane. after the accident they were moved to a wildlife center. the crowd of 1500 people cheered the crowd [ man ] i gote cheered this new citi thankyou card
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imagine you work in a motor ware and a guy you thought was dead stars screaming. that's what happened. the man is identified as a grandfather. he suffered an asthma attack over the weekend. the family members thought he was dead and called an undertaker. they put him in a cooler. 21 hours later he woke up screaming. the workers ran away and came

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